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An Analysis of Why College Girls Are Not Preferring To Work As Independent Escorts

As a beautiful hill bound city, Manali has vast potential to deliver for any business operating in any niche but there are a lot of challenges as well. Whether you are into a product based business or service industry, the market in Manali is getting saturated with excessive supply and less demand. But amid all these challenges, there is one sector that still witnesses a tremendous growth. Well, that sector is flesh trade or escorting business. Escort service in Manali are flourishing with the tourist season slowly entering.

Female escort Service in Manali are doing everything in their power to lure the customers to get their premiere services. But when a short interview was conducted with college girls in Manali, they have vehemently preferred to stay away from the idea of representing themselves as independent escort in Manali. Well, it might sound surprising to many since independent escorts are their own bosses but there is definitely a catch to it. When an opportunity came to interview the female call girls in Manali, they revealed why many college girls in Manali do not want to work independent, rather join as escorts in an agency  in Manali.

Why are College Girls in Manali Preferring Not To Be Independent Escorts?

Post an interview taken from a college girl in Manali and subsequently another interview was also taken from a Manali call girls at cheap rates, both the participants have revealed why many girls do not want to work as independent escorts. Here are a few excerpts;

As per the experience of the Manali call girl, there are a lot of things going when you have to self handle the portfolio and talk to the clients at the same time. As independent escorts have to manage their own advertising by hiring marketing agencies to make their services available. As they are doing that, they have to monitor the traffic on their website. At the same time, many clients also prefer not to hire any independent escort who is not connected to any agency.

As per the escorts, clients are a bit apprehensive about ending up with a random girl whom they have seen on websites or social media platform. As many escort girls in Manali are randomly befriending boys on Facebook and they want to spend their quality time with such boys and get paid for the same. Not just college boys, they are also sending requests to mid age adults and even to those who are aged 45 to 50 years. But such clients have rejected their offers as they have been duped by many girls in the blackmail frauds. In the blackmail frauds, the independent girls are deploying CCTV cameras that are stealthy placed and they capture the video of the clients. After the service, they have literally resorted to blackmailing the person and extorting considerable cash and other valuables. This scam is quite rampant in the Shimla region, as a result, clients have been maintaining a safe distance from independent escorts Service in Manali.

To mitigate the damage, precautionary measures are being taken by numerous escort agencies and they are on the spree to create a positive branding. Escort girls have literally felt like just associating with the escort agencies and not work independently.